Home Repair: Know Your Consumer Rights

Inside This Valuable Pamphlet
Published by the Illinois Attorney General  

  • What to do BEFORE you sign a contract 
  • How to protect your financial interests
  • What you must INSIST your contractor give you
  • How to check the contractor’s reputation
  • What you absolutely must NOT do!

K.H. Renovations provides this information to all our customers in accordance with Illinois State Law.  

Did you know:

"For any contract over $1,000, any person engaging in the business of home repair and remodeling shall provide to its customers a copy of the "Home Repair: Know Your Consumer Rights" pamphlet prior to the execution of any home repair and remodeling contract. The consumer shall sign and date an acknowledgment form entitled "Consumer Rights Acknowledgment Form" that states: "I, the homeowner, have received from the contractor a copy of the pamphlet entitled 'Home Repair: Know Your Consumer Rights.'" The contractor or his or her representative shall also sign and date the acknowledgment form, which includes the name and address of the home repair and remodeling business. The acknowledgment form shall be in duplicate and incorporated into the pamphlet. The original acknowledgment form shall be retained by the contractor and the duplicate copy shall be retained within the pamphlet by the consumer." - Public Act 91-0230 Sec.20(a)

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